Level 3 - West Palm Beach, FL

Tackled level I and II completely on my own. Not so interested in doing the same for level III. Anyone in the area sitting for level III this coming June?

Taking L2 in WPB. I know it’s not what you’re looking for, however could be nice to study with someone else taking one of the exams.

gcgrossm, Yeah, good to see somebody else suffering. I live downtown West Palm Beach. I’ll be frequenting the bookstore and coffee houses. Let me know if you’re ever studying in the area.

ghibli - I finally completed my move to the downtown area. Barnes & Nobles? Starbucks in CityPlace usually?

Yeah, the cafe at b&n, starbucks at city place and the one on clematis, nature’s way on the east end of clematis and I may add the library to my rotation. Hope west palm is treating you well.