Level I 2008 Dec

I am fish in CFA, no finance background, not English native speaker, so want to take more time for the preparation. Few small questions: 1. I notice due to the time difference, some countries have the exam earlier than others, are the exams different in different continent? 2. when i can enroll for the Dec 08 Level I exam? It is said on CFA offical website that candidate can enroll 11 months before the exam. But still cann’t see the notification on CFA website. 3. Any studying group in Belgium? Tks

ECHBel, 1) The exam is identical worldwide. You’ll notice in the Standards of Practice handbook that there’s an example pertaining to this issue. I’ve reprinted it below. 2) You’ll probably be able to register for the exam around January 23, after the December 2007 candidates receive their results. 3) Visit the “Hook Up” forum to locate others in your area who are looking to form a study group. The link I’m talking about is next to the “Level III” link above. Welcome to the forum. Standards of Practice Handbook, p.133: Example 5. Ashlie Hocking is writing Level II of the CFA examination in London. After completing the exam, she immediately attempts to contact her friend in Sydney, Australia, to tip him off to specific questions on the exam. Comment: Hocking has violated Standard VII(A) by attempting to give her friend an unfair advantage, thereby compromising the integrity of the CFA examination process.

Hey, hiredguns1, Tks for your information. I have prepared to bury my head in the books, 10 figures, and 26 letters :slight_smile: