Level I December 2010

Greetings, When can one begin the registration for the DEC 2010 Level 1 exam? And are the Stella / Schweser notes and their other study supplements for 2010 Level I already available? Thank you.

I didn’t see the actual date posted on their website, but I’d assume that it’s similar each year. I think that I had registered for the Dec. '08 L1 around March. Per Schweser’s website, the 2010 notes will be available in September and the practice exams in November. I’m not sure about Stalla.

I’m appearing for the June 2010 and i believe the Schweser notes for 2010 wont be available before Oct-Nov’09… Any particular reason ur appearing for DEC 2010 !!! i mean thats just too much time on hand for L1