Level I June 2008, Northern DE or Southeast PA?

Anyone taking the Level I in June '08 and interested in meeting up eventually? I live on the border of DE and PA- close to Wimington, DE and West Chester, PA. I currently work in Philadelphia but would interested in meeting up closer to home on weekends, etc.

hey im study L1 in philly area looking to meet up i have a friend too.

Yo, I work in West Chester. Also looking for a study partner for L1 June08. Let me know.

I live in the philadelphia area. I will most certainly meet for study? When are you guys looking to meet?

weekends preferably, i usually put in 10 between saturday and sunday. fit a few more hours in on weekdays…shoot me an email if you’re interested vorndran84@gmail.com

Hey, I live/work in center city Philadelphia, would be interested in meeting up after work or weekends. will_r256@hotmail.com

I was wondering if this group is still forming. If so, my email is: matt@pineysonline.com. I’ll leave it on the other thread as well. Thanks.