Level I Material

Does anyone know how much in-depth level I material is typically on the exam? I’m kind of stressed as it is and haven’t touched the books at all, and have forgot a lot of stuff (indirect cash flow statements, that sort of stuff). Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

i passed level 1 only using schweser, with the exception of ethics. For ethics I read Schweser two times and got almost all of the questions correct. Just take at least 4 practice exams and review all the answers, even if you got the question right. Also, I reviewed the secret sauce and cheat sheet multiple times.

Did you mean you passed Level II using only Schweser? I’m currently up for Level II…am concerned if there’s in-depth Level I concepts on the Level II test. Sorry, maybe I didn’t word my question in a clear way lol :slight_smile:

There weren’t last year.