Level I vs. Level II

I am new to this message board and have not reviewed all the old postings, so forgive me if this is a redundant question. I am begining study for Level II, and am curious how it compares to Level I as far as difficultly. For those of you who have taken the Level II exam, how would you rate the difficulty of Level I, (ex. a scale of 1-10) vs. Level II (scale of 1-10)? I did well on Level I and thought the exam itself was not too bad, but I studied like crazy. How does Level II compare?

Pass rate 40%. And I’m pretty sure the full 100% passed L1 before writing L2!

As I was studying for level 2, I did not think it was that bad. I put in the time and truly thought I was prepared. Then came the test. I was borderline, but didn’t pass. I would not take it lightly at all. If you thought you did well on level I, that’s great. But DON’T let that get to your head! Level II is a different beast.

I agree with lxada. I passed L1 last Dec and then studied my ass off for L2 in June. I thought was more prepared for L2 exam but failed. L1 is “a mile wide and an inch deep”. L2 requires a much greater knowledge of each subject material than L1. You either need to really know the curiculum inside and out or just get lucky on what questions they test you on. Good luck.

i love that expression. “L1 is a mile wide and an inch deep and L2 is a mile deep and an inch wide.”

I literally passed L1 by a question! My friends passed it scoring >70 in each category. For L2 my results again were not all that great but I passed. My friends who scored >70 on L1 all failed L2. I think the key to passing L2 is to drop what what didn’t work for you on L1 and to continue what did work. Also, trying different things that you didn’t do before is also important.