Level I

How confident would everyone be of passing if they were told that they would be taking the Level I exam in 2-3 weeks?

decently confident since I just passed it in December. If I hadn’t taken it before or had not been studying, not confident at all.

I will have all >70 expect FSA will be < 50. My Logic and the logic what FSA has to offer doesn’t really sync together.

I’d say it would be borderline for myself. Theres some parts that are ingrained on my mind, but other parts that still baffle me - like FSA!!!

Crush it.

Can’t imagine not passing L1. Should all be old news.

2-3 weeks time, wouldn’t be too bad.

No point talking about Level-I. But yes, I was fairly confident last June and still would be.

I would need 20 hours to skim material. 3 practice exams at 18 hours. 10 hours of reviewing practive exams. 2 weeks would be more than enough.

I could pass L1 again after 1 day of review. I’m glad I have another 6 weeks before L2 though.

Level II is way more challenging …

for sure. ridiculous.

No problem at all for Level I… it’s Level II that worries me.

It seems crazy that for as hard as L1 seemed while I was studying for it, if someone asks me “hey hard is L1”, I would say “It’s not that bad.” Kind of like how 3 years ago I thought that the Series 7 was hard… I think L2 gives you a whole new perspective on what a “hard test” really is… With L3 probably being a little bit easier than L2 (from what I’ve heard), this will probably be the hardest test that we will ever take. That said, I still don’t think that the actual material for either test is very difficult. But damn, there is really a lot of sh!$ to remember…

I am scared I will never clear level II. That was never a concern at level I.

considering that i took it in dec 06, i wouldn’t bet the house on it. i’d say i have a 50-50 chance of passing it

I’m more confident at this point in lvl 2 than I was at this point last yr with lvl 1. There is no way i’d pass lvl 1 if taken in a cuople of weeks - it was full of a load of rubbish information that there is no point in knowing unless you are taking the lvl 1 exam

I asked this question for 2 reasons. Firstly, to see how confident people would be of passing. But whats more interesting to me is the mentality/differenct perspective we have. Just say that we had all failed Level 1 and were preparing for it now, I am sure that that we’d all be 50% confident, some more, some less. We’d all have studied night and day for it for a few months by now and be worrying about it like we are worrying about level 2 now. Fast forward 12 months to April 2009. Hopefully we will all be on the level 3 forum. Will we all be saying how we would blitz level 2? and the level 2 retakers, we they still be worrying the second time around? I know for most of us, the difference between passing and failing will not be very big. Maybe it would benefit us more if we were to try to be more confident with ourselves, to be more positive. If nothing else, I believe being more positive and happy with ourselves makes us more efficient and helps us in our studying.

Confidence is good to have, as long as it doesn’t lead to complacency at this point. Unfounded confidence will lead to failure on June 7th. I was very confident for L1 at this point, even though it was still challenging. I am confident now for L2, but I know that I have not competely mastered the material (say, to score +70 on every section). If I didn’t look at my preparation with some sence of skepticism, it would be very difficult for me to increase my level of intensity over the next month. I know that I probably overprepared for L1 by following this mentallity (+70 on 8/9 sections) and I hope to do so again for L2. I would like to reach the point of readiness where luck will absolutely not be an issue.