Level II 2021 Curriculum


Can the Level II 2020 curriculum be used for 2021? The curriculum freeze notice states that the 2021 curriculum will be the same as 2020 and will be released as refresher readings. What does this mean?

Thinking or purchasing the 2020 curriculum print version for 2021 exam prep.

Me too !, I want to know if there is an updated curriculum for 2021 or CFAI will maintain same readings with no changes, can someone help ?

I just register for thé level 2 in next August.
I’m now wondering if I need to actually purchase the physical books.
I do not used them for the level 1 at all.
Am I the only one ?
I only study on my computer with the digital tool. Is there any differences between the physical and digital version ?

Yes, it can be used but you also need to get yourself updated with the changes, I have dropped a link in 300 hours where you will be able to find it. I hope that will help you out. Cheers!