Level II CFA 11th Hour Review Course, WOULD YOU RECOMMEND?

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Personally I think it’s a much better book than secret sauce

I thought it was videos on how to work key problems? ARE YOU TELLING ME IS A BOOK?

I think the book comes with the course. Not sure about the videos but if it’s the same guy they had do the new readings videos this year I would skip the videos and just buy the book for $100 bucks. For me the book has been worth it. You can buy it separately without the videos

The videos are really good. But you literally have no time to watch them now. If you haven’t worked any problems you need to go work problems.

The videos…which they should have released 2 weeks earlier almost have like 30-40 hours of content.

They are basically the same videos from last year but probably only the fixed income and portfolio videos have changed…

ok! i agree! 40 hours of videos would be a waster!!! but the little book maybe worth the $100!

The little book is worth every dime you spend on it. Best study purchase of the year, in my opinion.

Yes the book is a good buy.

You can get it off Amazon for like 67 bucks I think? You probably need to get same day shipping now…so you don’t lose time.


No - read Schweser.

Better still, you can buy the Book from the wiley website itself for $42.50. Just use coupon codes “VAN” AND “CFA10” for a total discount of $32.50.

Had bought it for December Level 1 and felt that it was worth it so i bought it for this year too.

Just stick to the curriculum or Schweser - you’ll be fine.

I just bought the book… noticed it was over 300 pages which is kind of longer than I expected but I have off of work next week so I guess ill just read through it one of those days.


Man, you really have a thing for Schweser, don’t you?

I only read the Schweser QM book (and a chapter in Econ) for Level 1 and thought it was trash. Their practice exams at L1 were garbage as well. They introduce "difficulty” by poor wording and vague phrases (they still weren’t very challenging, though). It was incredible how much more clear anything written by CFAI was in comparison to Schweser.

For LII, I purchased the 11th Hour Guide to review (I originally planned to make my own notes, but ended up not having as much time and motivation as I had hoped). Wiley is heads and shoulders above Schweser, at least in the explanations for topics. From my experience-- Schweser is only about memorization (minimal understanding), and the CFAI material is over 85% understanding (some stuff they just present and don’t explain or give background). Wiley falls between these two, even in their condensed notes.

The only bad thing I have to say about Wiley’s 11th Hour Guide is the presentation. It seems like a tenth-grader typed up some of these topics the night before they were due… grammatical errors and wrong words used (or they copy and pasted topics but forgot to switch something).

I would say the 11th Hour Guide is worth it-- especially for $60, even if you only can review some topics.

I say just stick to the curriculum or Schweser.

What do you have against any other prep provider other than Schweser? Do you work for them? wink

I used the official curriculum to learn, but I think a study guide from a 3rd party is okay to review, especially if you didn’t make your own notes from the curriculum.

I personnaly really enjoy 11th hour.

However, there is only 10 days left, I am not sure it worth looking into it (but it is just personal pref).

For info the PDF version is 1285 pages (there is many pages blank or not needed).

Was considering buying it, just bought it after reading recommendations on this thread. Hopefully it justifies the opportunity costs.

I know it’s a personal preference, but I’m not sure why people say it’s not worth looking at in the last days. I think it’s easier to bring to work or appointments to brush up on any topic, rather than lugging around six books in case you need to reference one. Granted, everything isn’t contained in the notes, so the full texts have a role. If it were a tradeoff between practice questions or reading, though, I would take the questions. I guess I try to match both questions and readings so the topic is more concrete. As you said, it’s personal preference.