Level II Compliance - if you are asked to state the standard


can someone tell me if i am in the exam asked to state the relevant standard if I would need to state e.g.

Investment analysis, recommendation and actions


diligence and reasonable basis?

and lets assume the example is about diligence and reasonable basis?

i guess i know the answer, but i couldn´t find any guideline from caia on that

On the practice ethics questoins, the guideline answer they provide would be “Diligence and reasonable basis” - they want you to know the 20ish items of the sub-headings, not just the big headings.

No you don’t need to remember the specific standards, they only ask whether or not standard x (which is detailed in the question) has been violated and if so why.

The ethics questions in the exam follow the same format as the mock - do the mock and you’ll see what i mean.