Level II content change

Hi all,

I’m a college senior and just passed level I. I’m planning to have a chill semester and take the level II next year. However, I want to start preparing for L2 as early as possible because I assume it will be more difficult to study consistently once I start work. Therefore, I’m thinking about to study the Schweser notes for this year 'a test first. Would you recommend doing so? Is there any thee better way?

thanks a lot!

I think your efforts are better spent acing your final year of college. You have plenty of time to study for CFA but GPA is forever.

ur gonna burn out quick

Agree with Lea124 - you only have ONE last semester of college. Spend it on (1) maintaining your GPA, and (2 and more important) enjoying it. Once you get out, you’ll never have as much time to goof off, spend time with friends (Assuming you have some) and in generall lead a relatively carefree life. The L2 exam will come in its time.