Level II Exam Registration

Hi all,

I registered for Level II exam about 30 mins ago. CFAI only sent me an order confirmation in which it said I paid for registration fee, books, shipping, etc… I have not received the registration confirmation email. Last year I got both at the same time after paying the fee so now I am confused…

It seems that my registration has not been processed because as opening “Account”, I still see “CFA Program Level II Registration”…

Does anyone experience this?


Thanks. I also think about giving it 24hrs and if nothing happens I will be sending CFAI an email about the issue. Already drafted it, btw…lol.

The internet over here has not been working well so far because the cable connecting HK and the US was broken somewhere in the ocean. It took me about 45 mins to complete the sign up (Ahhhh) so I am afraid there was some technical thing going wrong but I was not be aware.

I have just paid the registration fees as well , and experiencing the same issue as urs , they sent me only a confirmation email for the order , charged my credit card , and still see Level II Registration under my account as well.

^ Got the registration confirmation ! I think yours will come soon.

got mine too, good luck !

Just spend equal amount of time in writing to CFA institute rather than spending time here on forum :slight_smile:

I know it sounds stupid, but I don’t know how to register!

I get this, of course: http://oi61.tinypic.com/b63p09.jpg

And whenever I go from there, I find no option to register for L2 exam!

I beg someone to instruct me :frowning: halp plx

Oh, it might be because you have not completed your undergraduate program so you are not allowed to register for level 2 exam. Update your information and come back to see if “CFA Program Level II Registration” appears.

is 24th september inclusive for the deadline to register?

Depends your time zone. It’s 24/9/2014 11:59pm Eastern Time. If you are really in Pakistan, it will be around 6:59am 25/9 local time, I think.

how long did it take veryone to get their ebook redemption code? I registered for level 2 yesterday and they still haven’t sent it out.

After 9-10 hours in my case. However, the time on the email indicates that it was sent to me about 45 mins after I paid the registration fee. As I said above, the internet connection over here was really bad at the time I did the sign up so it might be the reason why I got the code and registration confirmation that late.

You’d better contact the CFAI .

P/s: have u checked the junk mail?. It could be there.

hmm. i contacted the cfa. they said within 24 hours i would receive a code but i still don’t have it.

It took them 8 hrs to send me redemption code, looks like 24th Sep it’s peak time for registration, thus it can take longer