Level II general study question for FRA

All you guys that passed L2:.

Any good tips on how you tackled study session 6, Intercoporate Investments, employee comp plans, etc.). This SS is a beast so with so many accounting rules it makes your head spin. Was hoping people may have some good tips on how they got a grasp on this.

Hell, maybe it’s just the same as any other topic in any level; practice questions till they’re coming out your ass?

Went to john harris’s financial accounting workshop and used his notes to study. I think I read through the CFAI version but nothing got through. I highly recommend his workshop if you got the time and money… If you cant make his workshop, my second guess would be to break down the topics into different subtopics and tackle them one at a time… can’t remember all the different segments within financial accouning, but for example, think of the IFRS vs GAAp part as one topic, foreign tranlsaiton adjustment as different subtopic, employee pension plan as one subtopic etc… I think if you break it down like that it will be easier cuz these topics are independent from one another.

FRA is pain

Pretty much.

And it’ll be the same answer when you get to Swaps, too.