Level II in June 09 - what's your plan?

Hoping & praying I pass Level I, I’d like to take Level II in June 09. It seems like waiting until June 10 is ridiculous. I’m afraid that if I don’t start studying until after Level I results come out at the end of January, however, that 4 months may not be sufficient study time. Is anyone buying curriculum for Level II at the beginning of December to get 2 extra months of study in? Is this a good plan: buy study notes for Level II in early december, but not register for the exam until Level I results come out. That way if I fail Level I, I can probably sell my notes and be out as little $ as possible…

I think you should take a break after LI until results come out. If you need to start studying, borrow someone else’s notes from last year or something or find something you can study online. You need to rest a little or you will be burnt crispy by May.

Thanks for the reply Joey. You must think 4 months is plenty to prepare for L2 then? Just by browsing the L2 forum, it seems like starting late January would be a very late start.

i have the same dilemna (at least I hope I will) But I don’t see any other reasonable alternative then to wait for level 1 results. Schwesser/Stalla should offer a swap of lvl 2 material for lvl1. that would be sweet.

i have the same issue … and im in public accounting. so Jan- May is the busiest time of the year. im going to take December off to recoup … i think you need the break. I plan on beginning my studies in early January, before the results come out. Not using the CFAI books, but i havent used them yet for level 1 either. worst case you studied for a month material that later on you will need to know anyhow. best case you pass and youre a month more prepared than you would have been.

Last year I passed Level I in December 2007, downloaded Ethics Session from CFAI website and finished it by the time results came out in January. Then I registered for Level II and passed it in June. I think 4 months is enough time.

I’m in the same boat my friend. I plan on studying for level II come December, I dont see any other alternative, 2010 is waaaay to far for me. I’d rather have failed level II in June 09 then sit around and study for a year and a half. Good luck!!

good call on downloading study session 1. at least get one out of the way pre-test results.

I am planning on taking L II in June if I make it through L I in December. My wife and I are also expecting our first child the first week of February, so that will increase the challenge. But this is life. I partied and enjoyed an exceptional amount of fun through my 20s, so dedicating several consecutive months to studying now that I am 31 seems only fair. :wink: Besides, it is stressful to think of not passing in December, no sense in coming up with reasons to also be stressed at the idea of passing! Maratikus - great idea on d/l the ethics section, I would not have thought of that one. The idea of being an L III candidate within the next year is also a great motivator.

There is also a lot of stuff in Level 1 that is also hit in Level 2 only more in depth, so if you don’t dominate a particularly important section, you can use the time to get your arms around it in preparation for adding on in Level 2.

This thread kind of reminds me of a saying that my Aikido instructor used to like: “One eye on the destination leaves only one eye to follow the path” Don’t you have to wait until at the least the following June for level III even if you pass I in December and II in June? I thought you could only take one exam in any calender year.

id say a fair % of people currently on the lvl 1 forum are in the same boat (incl me). my plan is to dload the largest lvl 2 study session/book (FSA?) and hit that in early jan. not touching books in dec though!

>Don’t you have to wait until at the least the following June for level III even if you pass >I in December and II in June? I thought you could only take one exam in any calender >year. Of course. When I said be an L III candidate by next year, I just meant being done with L I and II and registered for III within the next year. But, you can take more than one test in a calendar year as L I is offered in June and December.

if i pass level 1, ill go for june09 but definitely wait till level 1 result is out.i dont think 4 months will be enough for me, but ill give it a try

I’m on the same plan as everyone else. Assuming I pass level 1 in December, then I’ll begin studying for the June level 2. If I fail, then I’ll begin studying again for the June level 1. I’m working my hardest right now to prove that the latter does not occur.

its nice to know theres a few us going through the same thing. its going to be tough going getting all of the lvl 2 content down in a few mths but passing lvl 1 would be a great motivator!

Good luck to us!

Same here…I guess we’ll just have to encourage each other, because Feb., March, April, and May are going to be ROUGH (assuming LI is passed). I just keep thinking “a year from now, I could potentially only have one level to go.” Seven and a half weeks until LI!

Hi, I guess you have a financial background? Is that it

I passed in June 2007, did nothing until February and passed L2. Therefore I’m quite sure you can pass L2 in just four months…but then again maybe doing nothing for a few months was crucial. Hey, people are doing this every year. No worries.