Level II- Miami

I would like to form a study group. All guys and girls chip in

im in…

Welcome mrabiner, my email is shiv.nana@gmail.com. Lets pass level II.

I’m in fort Lauderdale. If you guys could meet a little north of Miami, I’m in!!!

I guess we could meet once atleast on the preparation plan. I failed level II in 2008 (Stalla and lack of preparation) and do not want to fail again. I certainly have lot of words of wisdom as I have gone through this once. I plan to start studying in October and going with Schweser this time.

I plan on starting soon in the next few weeks. I am going with the faithful CFAI texts. Maybe all of us can get together for the review and go over concepts and formulas that we can expect on the exam… make sure no one misses anything. Shiv, I’m real interested in hearing your words of wisdom from your level II experience.

My experience with level II - it is Level - I on steroids and far better competition. So, it takes far more effort than Level I- I studied level- I for 3 months and passed and did the same with Level II and failed. so I would suggest atleast 5 months of hardcore studying. Also study the CFAI for Ethics, Portfolio and Quants since these areas are not well covered by Schweser. and don’t use Stalla.

Sounds like we have a decent So Fla crew here. Mind if I ask how’s the finance industry down here? You guys at banks or some of the local hedge fund shops? Private wealth? Trying to figure out what the market is like in this area. BTW, I’m a Dec 08 L1 Candidate, just wrapped up my MBA/MSF from FIU. Thanks in advance. For what it’s worth, I think Stalla blows away Schweser, at least for Level 1. I have both sets of materials.

Finance industry here is not all that good, there are more opportunities in real estate finance, but with the market being down I dont see any positives for 08. I know that there are small hedge funds around the Boca Raton area.