Level II NYC..........study partners...............

Looking for serious study partners in NYC (NJ folks are welcome too)Pls contact me at elixir24174@yahoo.com if interested.

I thought of the same, but somehow it didnt work out for me. Me and my groupies were studying at a different pace. We can surely be i touch for later times when we do practice questions. the email is anish_gaur@yahoo.com

Hello Anish, I am also interested to join group at a later date, when we get to practice question. Also, I took the Level 1 exam just now and am looking to borrow (i.e. rent) anyone’s 2008 level II curriculum, in whole or in part, for a few weeks while I wait for results. I cannot sign up for the Level II exam in June until level I results out, and signing up for level II now includes the curriculum. Is this something possible ? Thanks

bro, count me in too dinesh.sundrani@gmail.com. I stay just across the Hudson river in NJ. I just gave CFA-L1 in Dec-07 and waiting for my results on 23rd Jan-08. - Dinesh S

i’m interested. anyone interested in meeting on saturdays (and/or sundays once football is over) to discuss selected readings?

I would like to join initially for weekends…Later it might be in week days once we get to practicing questions to share more thoughts. ravi.appana@gmail.com -Ravi.

Hi , count me in for weekend discussions and certainly for Practice test from May onwards.

hello, have u guys started already for level II? I am planning on starting this week and was wondering if you already met for discussions.