Level II Pass Results

To those who have passed level II what were your results like? Can you pass every topic (ie above 50 and still fail?)

Better to post this in the L3 forum lol.

”know your customer”

I had Ethics and Corporate Finance less than 50%, and Econ and PM in 50-70, and I still passed.

(Although I admit I wasn’t happy about those two <50%…)

Considering the overlap with equity, is CF that hard on the exam ? Seen a lot of people do well in equity and goof up on CF.

CF has a lot of definitions, and they are all similar sounding. So it’s easy to mess up vignettes that focus on that aspect of CF if you don’t have them all down. Equities doesn’t really have that. Or at least, I don’t remember it having that.

My big surprise on results day was >70% in FRA. On my first two mocks I was 33% and 38%…so that was a huge improvement.

Yeah, I will second this in saying CF can be very qualitative aside from M&A/Cash Flow during Capex Projects. If you get a vignette that is all pre offer post offer greenmail, poisin pill/put/ equity carve out/spinoff/asset sale-ish plus allll the corporate governance stuff? You can start to get turned upside down pretty quick!

Think I could agree with you. Equity is all about calculation and knowing what model to apply where.

CF they probably may not ask you as much calculation as a lot of the valuation (dcf, relative valuation) is covered up in equity and real estate. The calculations on the cash and stock offering get to me at times, though. Gonna do those super well before I head in.