Level II Question – Mock Exam Scores

Hi – since you have all cleared Level II, I could really use your feedback. As far as scores on the mock exam go, did you feel comfortable and ready for the test if you were scoring in the 70’s? In the 80’s? Was there a big difference in difficult of the tests and your scores on the CFAI mock and the Schweser/Stalla exams? Any feedback would be great. It is very difficult to get an accurate gauge of one’s progress, and feedback from those of you who have actually passed the exam would be very beneficial. Cheers

85% and up on Schweser ONLY intermediate and advanced questions. 75% and up on CFAI would be good with me

Thanks, that’s about what I am shooting for on the CFAI mock. On the Schweser, are you talking about the Q-bank or the practice tests?

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