Level II - Skype Group?

Hi all, I am taking the level II exam in June 2012, and found a skype group (10-15 people) quite useful for the level I exam. Anyone interested in this? If so, we can get this set up. Please let me know Esco-

Hi! I would be interested in joining such a group, and maybe even set up a google group for discussions. Last year, for L I, I was member in such a group and i feel like it helped a lot. If not for explaining and answering questions, than at least for having a chance to speak to like-minded people. If you come across such a group or if you create one, please let me know. If we don’t seem to find one, than we’ll make it ourselves :slight_smile: . Costin

Hello Costin, Looks like just the two of us for now! loool Am up for starting this discussion though, have you started studying? Can you let me know your skype name? Thanks!

I would be interested in something like this…

My skype name is costin.tira. Same as my gmail. I also have a google group with some fellow candidates http://groups.google.com/group/june-2012-cfa-level-ii-candidates

Hey, I’d like to join your skype group too!

Hey! I’d like to join your skype group too. Nikita

Hello Nikita, Am creating a skype group - what’s your skype name/address? Also, should join Costin’s google group. Thanks

I am also in… krangrej1 is my skype Id…

Hi friends, I would like to join too please. My skype Id is ngopalakrishna thank you!

I’d like to join. How does it work?

I’d also to participate. Let me know how the skype group works.

Hi all, Have added a few to Skype, please add me: vikram.rajvanshy at gmail . com I will then add you to the Level II CFA Skype group! Thank you

Hey, count me in. I had a skype group for level 1. And it was helpful. email: chaitanyamanot@gmail.com skype user name: chaitanyamanot

I am in. Passed Level I in Dec 2010. Skype Name is bhavin_vora

Hi Guys, I am in.Please add me to the group. Skype id- laxya.25 Thanks

I’m in too guys, skypename is alexios00 Thanks

Hi all, I’d be interested in such skype group. Count me in…

Add me in if there is a place left! Thanks

hi is the group close… 15+ now is it