Level II: Suggestion needed

I’m writing level-II in June and would appreciate thoughts on my preparation. Realized that, it is best to ask those who have already aced it.

I just finished reading Schweser once and now have 3 months for the exam. My plan is to re-read the Schweser and do CFA books EOC by March end. Then for the next 2 months do practice exams.

Is this the best approach or should I change it?

Which topics should I focus more? Found FSA, Derivative and Quant quite hard.

Which question bank or practice exams are good? I plan to do Schweser and CFA exams.

It is very hard to remember all formulas and seems already started forgetting concepts. Sample exam is quite intimidating. Any tip on these.


solid plan.

I would add one thing:

While going over schweser second time, solving corresponding Big Blue Boxes in the CFAI text is really helpful in absorbing all the concepts.

You have a pretty solid approach. Adding to passme, I would focus less on Qbank and more on Schweser and CFAI practice exams. Prior year CFAI mocks, if can locate them, are also helpful. Eventually, the formulas will start to “click” and through reptition you memorize emough of them.

Consider doing the Schweser live mock when it comes around. Also, the BSAS test bank has value.

Regarding subject areas, remember that quant in recent years has only counted for 5% of the overall score. Get well practiced in equity, fixed income, FRA and ethics. Derivatives, although quite difficult counts for no more than corporate finance so weaknesses in one can be made up in the other.

You will need a comprehensive formula sheet for level 2. Now is the perfect time to put it together because you will be able to add to it as you do the EOCs as you realise Schweser doesn’t cover everything. From memory mine was about 60 pages.

Everyone is different. Schweser EOC, Schweser blue box examples, Schweser exams did it for me. I did do EOC from the CFAI, though, but that’s it.

Good plan & timing. Don’t sweat it if your first review and the CFAI EOC takes more like 5-6 weeks. Go slow and make sure you understand those well.

My only tip would be to make flashcards now and add to them as you work EOC and practice tests. Start with all the formulas in the back of each schweser book and build from there. By test day, I had a 400+ cards written out.

Good Plan, as long as you done what you planed, you will be able to pass.

CFAI concept checkers were way better than the Scwheser End of Chapters and also the Qbank. If you use QBank, only do the advanced item sets, at the other questions aren’t as relevant.

Make sure to work out the CFAI end of chapter questions, that would be my bigest piece of advice. Other than that, do what works for you.

These inputs are certainly helpful. Much appreciated and Good luck for your exam!