Level II Twice

I apologize for posting in level III forum, but I am in need of some motivation. I failed level 2 last June, and have been studying since I received my outcome. How many of you have failed level 2 once, and if so, what did you do to remain focused during the last few months? Would you say that most people pass on the second time around??? (please say yes!)

Yep, I failed L2 once, then passed L3 the next year. Charter’s hanging on my wall right next to me right now. Seems like you’re back on the horse. Keep on it…

I failed L2 the first time and stuck my marks dead center on the wall in front of my study desk. If you want it bad enough, you’ll stay motivated.

I passed L2 at 2nd attempt. Make sure you use new materials, address your weakness, and practice a lot.

i failed the first time and was positive i passed. it destroyed my confidence. i worked my arse off the second time. passed fairly easily (or so the scores indicate) and thought i flunked. i spent A LOT more time doing the schweser test bank and other tests than i did the first time where i spent a lot of time reviewing material. i think this made the difference.

Add me to the list of those that failed Level II on the first try, passed on the 2nd try, and nailed Level III on the first try. Historically Level II has been the most difficult, so I guess it’s not surprising to a number of people that evenutually end up with the charter fail Level II at least once (I have a few friends that have each failed Level II multiple times and are still working on it…) I think the biggest thing to emphasize, as is the case with each of the levels, is practice questions. Especially on Level I and II where you know it’s all multiple choice. Since you’ve been through the material once I would spend less time doing an “all-out” review. Figure out where you’re weak and spend a little more time there. Obviously FSA and Equity Investments are a huge part of Level II (35-55%) so you need to be solid there, average at worst, in order to have a fighting chance. Just some thoughts.

I failed twice, and thought I aced it time two. Then was sure I failed on time three and passed with room to spare. Do as many practice questions as you possibly can, and take John Harris’ accounting course. That’s what I did and it worked.

I failed L2 twice, and had gotten so down about it that it seemed as if it was just impossible to pass the exam and that the Charter was unobtainable. I committed to reading the CFAI material, and not Stalla, to doing the end of chapter assignments, and getting through all the material. After that, L2 became fairly straightforward, and so did L3 which I passed first time. Keep at it and good luck this year.