Level II vs Level I


i took the Level I a few years ago and now i am taking Level II. However, i don’t remember all the material in Level I. is the level 2 test based on level 1 + level 2?

Level 2 invariably builds on some of the knowledge gained in Level 1 - but the way I have heard it phrased is that “everything you need to know for the Level 2 exam, is in the Level 2 curriculum.”

So Level 1 mastery would help parts of your Level 2 understanding, but you won;t get tested specifically on Level 1 material in the Level 2 exam.

There’s a lot of L1 concepts reiterated in the L2 CFAI books so you don’t have to worry about it. Ethics is for the most part is very similar…

It could be a bit of a problem when you’re studying from L2 Schweser Notes and they don’t really “recap” the stuff like the CFAI books do…