Level II vs. Level III

What do people think is harder?

i’m intrigued by this as everyone always talks about level 2 being the tough one. certainly not going to be lulled into a false sense of security.

i think level 3 might be a little more applicable to me as i’m a PM not an analyst.

I took L3 in June and the consensus seems to be that L2 is the hardest material and L3 is the hardest test. Remember, in L3 you are actually writing out answers in the morning so you have to know the material well enough to explain it actively rather than recognise it passively in a list of options.

On the bright side, the material for L3 is more enjoyable.

L3 is a harder exam than L2 IMO due to its format.

L2 you can plug-and-chug away and make educated guesses on MC questions.

For L3 AM section, it you don’t know the answer to the question, your SOL.

Don’t let people fool you into believeing that L3 is a cake-walk because it isn’t.

Level III is not easier. I was raped on the level III exam. Legit date rape.

Keep in mind that those taking level III already passed the so called hardest exam. Level II weeds out the weak such that only the best remain at level III. Don’t let the higher pass rate fool you.