level II

Hi guys, are you going to take level II in June 08 (assuming, of course, a positive message for dec 07:) ?? I just wonder whether it is possible to pass l2 with 4 months left and a full-time job… cheers, Ania

If you put in the time outside of your job on a daily basis, I don’t think 4 months is an unreasonable amount of time to prepare. Just be sure to take some days off before the exam for the last hurrah.

i’ll be wither retaking Level 1 (vomit) or taking Level 2 (hooah!) in June. I plan on starting for Level 2 very shortly after I get the results, if they go in my favor. If I am retaking Level 1, I’ll crank back up mid-late February.

I want to get this over with asap, so have allready started studying for L2 – figure if i pass i didn’t waste 2 months, if not 4mo is more than enough to re-study for L1 again.

We discussed this within the past few months in the LII forum and I think it’s worth your time to search for that thread. You can certainly pass LII in June after passing LI in December, just keep in mind that it’s exhausting and many candidates experienced burnout around April. Ensure you really relax the remainder of December and if you’re confident in your LI performance, it may make sense to start studying for LII in early January. There are substantial differences between the two exams and it can’t hurt to begin acclimating a bit sooner. Looking forward to seeing you all in the LII forum.

I took Level I in Dec 2006 and learned I passed in mid-January 2007. That same day I ordered the Level II books from Schweser. I studied steadily but moderately through late April and then I studied insanely for five weeks, and I passed. I do have a full-time job. Quite a few current Level III candidates did just the same thing. Yes, it can be done, but be prepared to step up your game for Level II.