Level III 08 Morning Session Answers

Has CFAI posted the answers to Level III 08 morning session? I looked on the CFAI site but I have problems finding anything on that site. Anyone have a link? Thanks.


bump…someone has got to know this.

Last year, it was in mid November.

double post

http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/essaylevelthree.html they haven’t put the 2008 answers yet.

Someone out there said that CFA wasn’t going to post answers to the AM anymore, starting in 2008. I don’t know if it is actually true, but someone on AF said this. On the one hand, that would suck. On the other… I kinda want to forget that experience…

Ok thanks everyone, can anyone confirm that they are not posting AM answers anymore. I passed in June and I still wanna see them to end some debates we had after the exam. If they don’t post the AM questions/answers that really hurts future lvl iii test takers as I used the past exam quite a bit to study.

pretty f-d up if they stop…

I called CFAI just now…the guy basically said he doesn’t know when…he also told me that they wanted to wait longer period this time (1-2 yrs) in case they want to reuse some of the old exam questions. WTF!!! On a bright note, he did tell me that WSJ name will be in mid-Jan.

^thanks ws! Longer period…crap that’s crazy but not surprising. C’mon they are not going to use the same questions again, I’m sure they can come up with much different ones to screw everyone. Disappointed I won’t be in the WSJ as I don’t have enough yrs. But whatever thanks again ws.

That is stupid

^Isn’t that CFAI’s mission statement.