Level III books shortened?

The level II forum is saying the page count is down significantly from 2014 to 2015 for the CFAI books - does any one know if this is the case for III yet?



I shall find out when I receive my hard copies next Wednesday.

Are the cfai books out already?

It was joke where you read this. Calm down.

Yes, the books are out already. Mine are arriving on Monday.

I’m not certain how big the curriculum was for the 2014 L3 test, but the curriculum for this coming test is:

33 chapters, the shortest book has approximately 85 pages, the longest has approximately 260 pages, the other 4 have about 140 pages/book.

Though, I don’t think this really matters all that much… We’re still going to have to know, inside and out, all of the material, and be able to apply it and explain it.

That’s nuts. The longest book in the new curriculum is shorter than the shortest book last year? What is CFAI cutting out?

The ebooks have small number of pages but it may just be because of the format. One need to see the hard copies to be certain.

^Good point, suspense. They did change the Vital Source format this year and that very well could be the case. Though, I would think that the page numbers would remain the same for referencing purposes. I guess I’ll find out next week when they show up.

are they cutting down on levels 2 and 3 and putting in a level 4 as rumoured?


Yes WTF :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it’s like Lord of the Rings, you finish the first 3 sequels and then move on to another 3 sequels but at a different state of mind and setting though the essense is there… It’s a way of keeping the CFA experience alive throughout your whole life.

lol, the never ending CFA!

Apparently level 4 is coming soon, let’s just hope we’re finished before they start it.

Can you imagine if they announced it this year and if you passed 3 this time round you got the charter and if you failed you had to re-sit level 3 and then do 4. I’d give up

The only thing which makes sense to me (might not to others) is giving level 2 and 3 candidates 1 more chance in December.

die or be dead

I think the confusion is because e books are in smaller fonts, just recieved my printed curriculum, total pages are around 2200 pages only.

I am so relieved to hear that. I would have choked a bitch if there was a level 4.

How many pages in total did we have last year? I can’t remmeber.