Level III - December or June Exam Date?

What is the best strategy here? If we sign up for the December 2020 exam and the pandemic is still raging one would think they would just postpone it again to June 2021?

it’s in the hands of the almighty!

Has anyone know when is the deadline to re-register for Level 3 exam in Dec 2020?

My passport is expiring soon and i want to re-register after updating my passport.
Please advice me.
Thank you

just registered for Dec exam, MM made a video yesterday about strategy for level 3. the obvious choice is Dec


Thought it might be as we then get a second chance to re-take in June if it comes to that! Is the MM video available to the public?

I think you can amend it later. No worries, I did it before the level II.

yes, it’s on his yt channel.

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