Level III English classes/tuition in Hong Kong?

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone might know of any English-speaking CFA level III education course providers in HK? I very much enjoyed the Kaplan classes for I & II but it looks like they may only be providing the level III course in Cantonese this year. Any recommendations?

Work is pretty understanding/supportive so 7pm-onwards on weekdays a couple of times a week is fine (I know Kaplan does this for level I). Cheers! yes

may be you can try the video lecture from Schweser or Wiley

There is no English CFA LIII training in HK by established training firms (based on my own knowledge) but I used 7City (what they were called when I was in London) distant-learning…

You will register via their SG office and the fee was lower than paying for the same package in the UK (I think it was to do with tax).

I used it for my L3 preparation for the first time this year and the recorded videos were decent… if you have questions, just log them via tutor support and the responses were efficient.

I think there are many other training firms providing something similar so you can shop around…

Thanks rluk and Balloon. I’m a little concerned as I actually have rather weak self-discipline and I used the courses simply to keep me on track! Otherwise I think I would lose interest in studying very quickly.

There is a Kaplan get together in early September and apparrantly we can discuss this issue with the teachers - hopefully they are swayed to do one class in English if there is enough interest.

I kind of thought they knew there were enough interest (because if you offered English classes in L1 and L2 obviously you knew these people will pass and wanna do L3)…but thought maybe they are lacking right resources to deliver L3 training in English?

Yeah you must be correct. I’ll ask them - they must have a good idea of who else out there does the course in English. I’m sure a lot of people ask this