Level III exam and GMAT prep

Hi guys, a newbie here. Being a silent reader for some time time, I found that this forum is extremely helpful and now decided to officially join the forum.

I am currently considering to sit on Level III June 2019 exam, while preparing for GMAT exam next year. However, I’m not really confident that I’ll be able to handle the doubled workload and may end up failing both. Is there anyone who succeeded in passing both exams with 700+ on GMAT? If so, may I ask for a little tips on how you manage your time? I’m working as an ER analyst with working hours ranging from 11-12 hours a day. But completely free on weekends. My target will be: GMAT exam in 6 months as I am a non-native English speaker, with the possibility of retaking it in the next 2 months. And the CFA exam will be in 9.5 months.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!