Level III Flash Cards – Need advice on how to create one

Hi Guys. So with the amount of details Level 3 has to offer and with my second go at the exam this november, I’ve been thinking of creating a flash card of sorts say jotting down points in my notebook for each reading to help better recall the concepts.

Should I create LOS-by-LOS and list down the imp themes say in bullet points for each?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

Some of it depends on how you learn. For me, I used MM for level 3. Came out feeling like he was very thorough (as compared to how I felt about Kaplan for level 2…not good, although I did pass it). But I digress. I made my flashcards from MM notes- again he is very thorough and emphasizes key points. Just the LOS alone would not have worked for me because there are so many details to the answer that you really need more than 1-2 flashcards for most of the LOS. IMO.

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I make flashcards when I start doing mocks and realizing the areas that I need to tighten up on. If you make flashcards really early then IDK you will end up with like 2000 flashcards by the end of it for level 3.

After starting to do mocks I had like 800 flashcards. When you are doing questions in CFAI TT’s and mocks is where you realize your weak areas. Some material I can literally do a problem then like 6 hours later miss the same thing on the topic just worded different. You really need to try to get to do mocks 2 months before the exam. All the CFAI questions should be complete 2 months before the exam. Don’t finish everything like in L1 and L2 and give yourself 30 days to wrap it up. It will cut it too close.

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For all 3 levels after going through the curriculum once I have taken the IFT formula sheet, the Kaplan quick sheet and Wiley smart sheet and cross reference/remove overlap and basically turn them into flash cards. Probably about 200 flash cards in total. As I go through them I separate them into 3 piles… easy, medium and hard sorted by topic and as I continue to review and focus on medium and hard the pile shifts to the easy/medium pile. As I do more questions and identify weak areas I make more cards and stick them into the hard pile until they become easy.

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