Level III study break

I am working on my resume for a study break… Maybe you will find resume questions refreshing. 1) I use $MM and $M for million and thousands… i.e. $15MM = 15 MILLION AND $215M = 215 THOUSAND. But I know some other shops use different formats. Suggestions? 2) the phrase “Excellent communications and interpersonal skills dealing with both internal and external senior management.” would I use Communications or communication? Thanks, hopefully this is a nice change of pace and not annoying or else I would have posted on General… I have a date with all the Synthetic material tomorrow morning : (

hahah. nice break. 1) i use mln (lower case as well) that way there’s no real confusion. 2) communication - your describing something singular so communcation shoudl be single tense. But in another thought, i wouldn’t put that sentence in a resume - that’s a cover letter sentence. In a resume you should focuse on responsibilities and results not behaviour traits. perhaps this sentence as well, for what my opinion is worth: “Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills developed through interactions with senior management.”

why would you put 2) into your cover letter or resume? isn’t that assumed?

I don’t ever assume anyone has any sort of communication skills… Most don’t

ya i wouldn’t assume either - a lot of people suck at communicating, but i don’t use a cover letter to determine thier commnication skills. I talk to them and ask for other examples of their work (mainly because who knows if the applicant even wrote the cover letter themselves).