Level III .. the terrible wait ends soon

The wait for level III results are killing - the delayed results cause you to lose sleep a longer than the previous levels. In addition, the hope that a pass means freedom from the intense experience which was not the case with earlier levels makes this wait even more excruciating.

Like many of you here, at this point I just want to know the result pass or fail- the wait is turning out to be unbearable. I know I havent done too well to guarantee a pass but then what is life without hope:)

Until tomorrow… the wait continues

I’ll likely get the results late Tuesday night (Sydney time) so i’m taking Wednesday off.

If I pass I’m going to light a fire in the street and dance around it until dawn.

I just feel so terrible waiting for the result. I thought I had prepared well for the exam and infact at the cost of my health, personal life and professional life. And still I’m not confident about the results, feel so dumb right now.

I’ve spent so much time on this programme and I’m so tired, just hope tomorrow brings a positive result. Don’t know if I have the strength and courage to do this all over again. Sorry for sounding so low, but I’m feeling really sad that there is a possibility that all my effort could come to nought tomorrow.

I know this sounds crazy but I think having to do L2 twice was a good thing for me. Instead of scraping through with a band 11, I think I gained (and retained) a very solid understanding of L2 material which I think will pay off in the long run.

Having said that, I’ll still sob like a woman if I have to do L3 again…

^ same boat…lets hope for the best!

It’s worth it, after all that hard work.

Ok, I’m dating myself but the Ramones seem to be on the top of my mind…

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated.

I can feel your pain.

23 hours remaining and I am damn cool at this instant though I should be tensed.

I feel like that I will fail and as I know my probable result I have nothing to worry.

After 2 months of waiting I have forgotten all the right answers I wrote and I can remember all the wrong answers or missed answers. And the feeling is that I am going to fail. Though a very small part of my brain is whispering that you may pass.

I am damn cool.

Whatever reason/aspirations we have for passing this exam…best wishes to all of us here…hopefully lady luck shimmies up to us!

Good luck to all you Level III-ers for tomorrow!

Approximately 14.5 hours till the verdict. I just want it over and done with coz I know I will fail so not that stressed. (Still retain miniscule hope)

Good Luck Guys!!!

People can say whatever they want but I still reckon that those who complete all 3 stages r very dedicated, hard working and intelligent.


wish every one all the best

All the best Lads…lets hope the “send button” guy doesnt wait too long to click send on our results’ emails

just under 12 hours … i’m in Singapore, this is going to be the longest day of work ever…

This is it…the D day has finally come

All the very best people…:slight_smile:

I have dived here for some time since the exam day finished. It is kind of cool to see L3 candidates gathering here exchanging how they felt after the exam. Given the long awaiting is about coming to an end, wish you all the best folks~~~

Hey all - like you, I’m anxiously waiting the results to be released tomorrow. I am praying for the best, but am trying to take comfort in the fact that I put my best into it on exam day, which was all I could control, and the rest is up to luck/god/circumstances that are out of my control. I really hope this is it for all of us - it would be a great feeling to pass this test and obtain our charters. Best of luck to everyone.

Just got an email from CFAI at 11:15 local time…and it was some advertisement for a CFA conference somewhere!

WTF. Nice timing guys. Just about choked on my coffee when I saw that.

Mercury rising … Literally & figuratively (we have a bloody max hot heat wave). Still, wish all the best to everyone, it’s been a journey for sure. LJ