Level III vs. Level I & II

Is anyone else feeling like me? I remember studying for level I & II and being a month out and saying I need to re-read/learn X, Y, and Z. Now here I am a month out for Level III and I just look at all 5 volumes of Schweser and I think I need more out of each of these books… Ohhh by the way out of the corner of my eye CFAI books are glaring at me from the corner of my room. I guess at this point I might as well just start doing practice tests and learning from my mistakes… I will make it a point to bust my a$$ for the next 26 days and do my best to not let myself down. I hope all your studies are going well. Sorry to be a downer, just wanted to vent a little…

I’m in the same camp. I have yet to do a practice test, and I’m worried my mind will draw a blank on the essay questions.

Totally on board with you guys. I did a practice test today pimp, and…ya, exactly what you said happened. So I just slogged through it using the answers. It actually helped alot I think, especially the IPS stuff…just getting acquainted with it. I knew I wasn’t ready, but wanted to get a feel for it. I did the multiple choice half last night and scored 60%, so I was happy with that part at this point. MGG, don’t start doubting yourself about the CFAI texts. I know plenty of people who have passed this thing just using either Schweser or Stalla. You just have to know it down pat. I felt alot better last year at this point, but I was also writing L2 for the 2nd time, so that makes a huge difference.

not too worried about not having enough practice test. for LI and LII, it’s easy to get thru via mock tests, but LIII is v. different, it’s all about understanding. I’d spend more time on text and understand everything in and out and sure I will get thru! and everyone will…

I am of the opinion that doing more Q&A will be helpful to you since there are so many details to remember & not enough time to do that. Plus Q&A will automatically - the invisible hand of panic & assurance - will direct your energies towards areas where you may be weak.

Get acquainted w/ the type of answers they’re looking for in the essay portion. The best way to approach this is doing practice essays. For instance, IPS constraint answers don’t need you to discuss whether it increases or decreases risk tolerance (I thought it did since Schweser does it all the time).

Same here. Had a final CFA class yesterday; the guy was adamant that it was too late to bother reading stuff in CFAI. Questions questions questions. I also have yet to do a past exam paper, but I have a full 6 hour mock exam next weekend, so just doing my best to put myself in a position to make a noble effort at it. More than for LI and LII, the final two weeks will be decisive. (I keep telling myself - when I get worried - that the LIII pass rate in Anglo-saxon countries is normally in the region of 2/3. So how hard can it be to beat 1/3 of the people?)

interesting stats: that the LIII pass rate in Anglo-saxon countries is normally in the region of 2/3. So how hard can it be to beat 1/3 of the people would be interested to find out the stats for last yr

you guys so lucky to have us non-English speakers to take this exam, but it’s double, no, it’s triple hard for us to do this test. so go ahead to take a rest !