Level III

What a beast!!! Seriously, this might be the one that takes me down Also… Correct Mr.Good.Guy is a level III CFA candidate Incorrect Mr.Good.Guy is a CFA Level III For some reason I have messed this up multiple times.

MGG, CFA that’s all you’ll have to know after the exam

ha, thanks for the confidence

“MGG is a friggen CFA and exhibits rock star financial performance! You got a f’n problem with that? I got yer gips RIGHT here!” Is THAT acceptable? is THAT GIPS compliant? ;-D

Ha, you guys rock. I feel like I am burning out big time, totally crashed on Schweser Book 1 exam 3 PM this afternoon… Not feeling to great about things

I had these grand plans to review 35-40 today… im just starting 37… For the LOVE of ALL THINGS Alpha! Is it just me or do some of these CFAI questions scare the crap out of you? I dont know how many times, I think I KNOW this chapter inside and out and then I hit the questions and I dont even know what they are asking… I think I have said this before but it just keep happening… Im hoping the test is like this 175 points - Do an analytical VAR analysis using two assets 5 points - write your name… Anyhow - Im way behind - cant seem to meet my study projections… I just wish this was OVER!

vol 1 exam 3 sux - - nearly bit my wife’s head off when she unfortunately called right at the end of that - - was my worst score; decided to relax/unwind/rent a pay per view movie - - suggestion - don’t rent Kite Runner when you’re already a little bummed did the cfai freebie just now - - did much better on that than i did on vol 1 exams; back to pay per view - no country for old men tonite! don’t tell me that’s a bummer - i need guns, action etc

vol 1 exam 3 is a killer, but it has some interesting questions try Vol 2 exam 1 PM - MUCH BETTER

that movie is pretty friggen wild… there are guns for sure…

I watched Juno last week for a relax. I know its more a chick flick but there is just something about unwed teen mothers that gets me every time.

yeah, i shredded vol 2 PM today - - that’s why i decided to attack my first cfai test tonight; would be totally fired up if i hadn’t misread an easy NAREIT question - - fired off too quickly - red screen - ugh

I remember that… Ellen Page is a cutie (she’s 21… its ok…) - very funny movie!

I was going to do Volume 1 Exam 3 today but bailed. Didn’t have the mindset to tackle it. I’ll hit it during the week. So I brushed up on some weak (very weak) areas. SS12 Risk Management…not hard stuff, but just killin me on all the memorization crap. I HATE VAR!!

Data_Monkey Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I remember that… Ellen Page is a cutie (she’s > 21… its ok…) - very funny movie! Funny story. Ellen Page is from Halifax. And a friend of mine informed that she lives in an old apartment building (when she’s in Halifax, not Hollywood or wherever) that used to be a whorehouse back in the day which is a half block from my apartment. I’ve never seen here around though…prob cause I’m always studying for damn CFA! I agree, Vol 1 Exam 3 was by far the worst pratice exam I’ve ever wrote, all 3 levels.

Hey Ellen, get your yield beta over here.

I have a question, but i think I asked it before, but I don’t think anyone took it serious, but I am seriously wondering about it.

Oh yah! I’ve got your Alpha RIGHT HERE! Wanna see what I like to call “The Benchmark?”

Yes - I am a Level III Candidate in the CFA Program No - I am a Level III CFA

Some more Ellen Page trivia is that she got her start on a local comedy called “Trailer Park Boys”…very popular in Canada, particularly the east coast where it is set (Halifax) Time to get back to work