Level II's most boring read...

Reading 22 - Employee Compensation: Post-Employment and Share-Based. If you’re ever having trouble sleeping at night or want to pass out quickly, try to read even a page in this chapter. Granted, I haven’t even been through all the material yet, but Quant and Economics seemed like a ticker-tape parade with fireworks compared to this stuff. Anyone else care to vent on some coma inducers…

Economics is boring… Ethics directly from CFAI is boring too :-/ cant stand a page!

International CAPM? Boring and who cares about a useless theory anyway?? Blah!!!

everything in Financial Reporting is in a whole different league of boring vs. the other material

It’s all pretty boring. hopefully we get paid money for pretending we enjoy it


FRA… Boring and endless…

Econ for sure.

come on, sure employee compensation is awfull, but how about derivatives, hate that

boring: quant and half of derivatives. heinous.

‘ABS part’ and the ‘private company valuation’ thought also very hard to grasp the content personally…

Not only is employee comp. boring, its tough as hell. Neither Schweser nor CFAI books properly explain the differences in IFRS/GAAP accounting in employee comp. Derivatives is tough but not too boring IMO

I wanted to punch myself in the face after Reading 21

+1 kant, MMI, reebs81 and mb389 for confirming my suspicions and letting me know I’m not the only one And I agree with you MMI, is it so hard to make a chart or bullet points, that Clearly and Precisely explain the differences in IFRS and GAAP? Instead they write 40 pages of useless and dry dribble that is so hard to sift through.

Pension Accounting and all of Econ.

FRA - the most boring EVERRRRRR

I totally agree on International CAPM

Pension accounting is the pits!

CFAtime Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Pension accounting is the pits! bingo!

I do a lot of investing for pension plans so I actually enjoy that reading. For me the most boring read is ICAPM and possibly all of PM.