Level of activity on AF now

is very low compared to my 2009 L2 days. Is AF losing its competitive advantage or people realize posting on forums is a complete waste of time and are better focusing on the text.

I think you answered your own question.

If you slow down and give it time, CFA books cover all you need… If for some reason they are not enough, Schweser will cover the rest… Anything that is not covered in those two, you are either too lazy to find it, not very smart, or like me going way too deep into the material which is not relavant for the exam…

It is different because all the naughty ppl who are funny are banned. I came here to “relax” and read the somehow naughty postings. It’s more serious and not crazy and funny now.

I’m new, but found what I was looking for immediately. Guess I don’t know about the ‘glory days’ but this seems to be a useful resource for my purposes…?

I still havnt found what im looking for

Yeah, pretty much everyone was banned.

The quality of posts and users declines as the exam looms closer. People will start to freak out and post random shit on the boards that is factually incorrect. You’ll see a quality core group of posters emerge before the exam date that a) contribute and don’t just ask questions & b) are not actually full of shit.