Level of difficulty of Ethics questions

I just did the sample questions at the end of the Standards of Practice Handbook. Can anyone who has take L1 say if this is approximately the level of difficulty of the ethics questions?

I did go through the questions too, but with regards to the Schweser book 6 i must admit that I find them very easy.

Are you saying that Schweser Ethic questions are more difficult or the oppsite? For peple having alredy taken the actual Level 1 exam, can you compare the level of difficulty of the Ethics questions with the Schweser ones please? Thanks

I took it L1 this past June and found the actual exam questions to seem less black and white than the Schweser. Most questions on the exam had at least two answers that seemed completely feasible.

Can I rephrase the question - - Compare the level of difficult for Ethics Questions from Schweser (leaving book 6) to the actual exam? - Compare the level of difficult for Ethics Questions from questions at the end of the Standards of Practice Handbook to the actual exam?? Who have taken June 07 please reply.

I only used Schweser for L1 and my above comments are the same. I did take the CFAI sample exams and those were more accurate (they were in all sections more accurate).

ethics questions on the real exam are often more difficult than the samples you use for practice in the CFAI volumes or third-party study providers. Subtle details, vague descriptions and distracting irrelevant facts can make these questions frustrating. However, the sample problems are still good practice. After exams, you’ll see us debate in the forums (often at length) as to what the correct answer was to a specific ethics question (being deliberately vague in reprinting the question, of course). I think candidates worry too much about how “similar” or “difficult” practice problems are compared to real exam questions. As long as the practice problem is aiding in your learning of an LOS, it’s helping you, so keep practicing and stop worrying.

Thanks hiredguns, as usual your answers are practical and out of square ones…

CFAI book questions are a joke. Not familiar with Schw. CFAI online exams are exactly the same types of questions.