Level of difficulty of questions posted on here

I have finally been comfortable to read the questions posted on here over the last week or so, and even answer a few. It has been great help reading them along with the answers and the discussion…in addtion to flash card flipping and Schweser Qbank. Do you think the questions posted will, for the most part, be the harder ones we will see? Or am I wasting my time on here?

Some of them are very tricky…but there are also some which are very basic. Do a weighted average… :slight_smile:

i think most of the questions asked on this board will be on the more difficult side of the exam. i think it’s good to stay on this board cause you develop finer distinctions with the material. it also helps me to discuss the points of confusion as well as hear various interpretations of answers.

That was my thinking, I enjoy the banter b/c it expands on the questions at hand and gives even more insight to a topic. Strange, I spend my days STUDYING, not coming up with frivolous computations. :slight_smile:

Good…Me too