Level of questions : EOC vs schweser vs exam

Hi all, Can someone (who passed the l1, or a retaker) tell me how the questions are in the exam ? Are they harder or easier than the Eoc questions ? I think they are anyway harder than the ones in the schweser notes… I can do the schweser ones without that much difficulty, but the Eoc are way harder. Good luck for your readings…

Think logically about this one. Do you think it would be prudent to be able to answer the CFAI EOC questions?

for exam practise questions stay as close as possible to the CFAI source as possible…i.e EOC, sample, mocks > third party questions

Thanks for your feed back. Im doing the eoc questions as they are a good way to check everything is covered, but when i see how bad i perform at those, it’s kind of depressing… So, still two months to master those…

EOC home made flash cards are unstoppable.

EOC are proxy questions to the exam. They aren’t difficult but tricky and require understanding and retention of concepts. Try getting mastery over them.