Hello everyone, I will be taking L1 in June in Phoenix. Is anyone else from the area?

Hi olsick5, I am with you… i live in gilbert, where do you live?

Biltmore area. How much progress have you made studying?

Did you mean you are currently living in baltimore but will come down to phoenix? becuase I don’t mind an online group study (as long as there are just 3 to 5 of them in total), but i am kind of actively searching for a buddy or 2 from phoenix. Well this is my second time so i am kind of 65% prepared but there is a lot to tweek before the big day.

Oops! Sorry misread the word Biltmore… Quite because its been a while since I heard that name. If you contact me at sragcfa1@gmail.com with your e-mail, we can dicuss our further plans.