Levell II baby

good morning. (to the tune of free credit report dot com’s ‘new car’) Well I was studying derivatives, which one’s on the test? A currency swap or a CDS Interest rate collar nonsense has got me stressed Got to the office this morning and I forgot to get dressed P-A-S-S, that spells “pass” Schweser’s server is second class Saw the answer and I should have guessed Thought about playing golf but I’m too obsessed Now instead of looking’ fly and rollin’ phat My head is hurting and my mock results are getting laughed at P-A-S-S, that spells “pass”, Lets kick this Level II test in the a$$…

omg… wtf are you on?

Good one…I’m gonna have that stuck in my head all day now. Thanks.

that’s hilarious




Now see if you can sing that song with horrible lip syncing (a la the commercial). Good stuff.

Post the vid of you singing it on youtube

now i’m almost ready.



Simply…incredible. Post of the year.

This is your brain… this is your brain on CFA

The king returns.