Levelup Bootcamp

Anyone attend the Frankfurt and Hong Kong sessions this year? How did it go? Any tips/feedback?

Ming is coming up in a bit and wanted to be prepared.

Hopefully he goes over yield curves with intra and inter market trades because YEEEEEEEESHHHHHH O.O brain exploded maybe 10 times going through blue box 5 over and over again and the EOC 23-32 lol

but the question is, what could they ask on exam day about inter market trades? I am wondering if it’s really worth to spend so much time in that topic…

Oh man… those questions were brutal… R24 Ex5 was brutal as well.

So should be already through 3 bootcamps. Did anyone attend Marc’s bootcamps this year? I’m attending the one in SF just interested what to prepare for.

Yes I attended in Toronto last weekend. Here’s my honest feedback:

He knows the material better than most people know their kids. Literally he knows this stuff inside and out. The days are long but manageable and Marc does a good job of mixing in humor to make it less painful.

The information comes fast and furious. A bit like drinking from a fire hose, but what can you expect when you’re covering the entire program in 4 days. The support material is excellent and I will be using the slide book/IPS guide/past exam binder from here on out.

I would say you need to have a working knowledge of the curriculum to not be overwhelmed. Or at the very least taken a cursory look over the majority of the topics. The course is a wakeup call for sure. There’s a lot more to this level than perhaps I had given it credit for. Particularly strategies for AM were helpful.

Now the drawbacks. Its not uncommon for people at the top of their field to have inflated egos. Marc is no exception. There will be a liberal amount of self promotion and more than a few reminders that you should not waste time by looking elsewhere for help. Its a business, I get it. But at the same time a little class goes a long way. This can be overlooked, but I thought worth mentioning.

Overall I would say the bootcamp is worth the investment. It is by no means a magic bullet and ultimately you have to put the work in. Marc will point you in the right direction. You just have to follow it.

Thank you. Okay…well guess I should be well rested before each class then. I’m almost finished with his focus curriculum book he gave, doing all the recommended blue boxes, white text, exhibit examples and EOCs as well as the past level 3 exams he listed in his focus book. His focus book though…has a lot of errors in it, but I guess that can be expected since he’s the only one working on it. Went through all the videos as well.

So I’m guessing you get another set of Material besides the ones he sent out already? I got the slide book for the videos and the focus book for the 6 CFAI books.

One more thing.

Does he strictly follow the day by day schedule? I don’t want to carrying all 6 books with me if I don’t have to.

Thanks again.

You’re ahead of the game. And yes, this will test your endurance so I highly suggest loading up on sleep where possible.

You’ll get additional material when you get there. It’s a bit clunky leaving the first day but you don’t need to take everything each day. He did hand out a nice beach bag that can be used to lug the additional binders out after day 1. For the most part he follows the schedule. Depending on how many questions are asked during the day there may be some spillover into the next morning, but by and large I think you’re safe just taking the books per the schedule.

Best of luck

Thanks man. Best of luck to you on your studies. Just to let you know in advance the Fixed income section from the focused book is from 2018 so some of the pages don’t match up if you’re looking for a white text or an exhibit. There are other sections too from the focused book…that have quite a few errors.

Thanks again.

I’ll also be attending the SF one. Have heard great things from friends that went to the Omaha two years ago.