LevelUp Bootcamps - Marc LeFebvre

After I was in the same spot last year as many of you are now, I wanted to share my opinion and give credit to Marc LeFebvre. I barely do this, however, in this case I really appreciated the experience and would like to support him.

As Austrian resident it was not feasible to go to one of the bootcamps offered last year and I was struggling with some exam approaches, especially for the morning/constructed response session. Marc offered me his help, though, and provided me with a different way of thinking. He knows the past exams inside out and apparently even the blue box examples, just to give an idea how committed he is.

Passing Level III still depends on how well you are prepared and there are no shortcuts. Preparing with Marc probably means more intense work but you will be better prepared with more efficient use of your time and he really cares about people passing. Back then, when I considered joining one of the bootcamps I did some research here and I found an interesting quote. Somebody mentioned, right after she received the exam results, she felt the urge to let Marc know she passed.

There are now also videos available on the LevelUp website, including some for free to give you an idea of his approach. Have a look, you will probably find it useful.

Have a good preparation and good luck for the exam.

Do u give online training sessions?

and in addition-do u help in helping candidate through the AM papers-how to answer to score.

I just provided my opinion and a review for his work. Please have a look on his website or contact Marc directly, he is also active here I understand.

Yes, his insights, especially for the constructed response part, are very helpful.