LevelUp Ultimate BootCamp for Level III

PANICKING ABOUT PASSING YOUR CFA LEVEL III EXAM? The Ultimate LevelUp BootCamp experience is a total immersive educational, cram session for the Level III CFA exam. The class size will be limited.

“The Ultimate BootCamp was like a concierge exam experience.” – 2019 Candidate.

The agenda for the Ultimate LevelUp BootCamp is simply hard work. We will cover the detailed aspects often tested in the candidate curriculum, work the difficult white text problems (found inside the CFA candidate readings), blue box examples and end of reading practice problems. We will learn the topic then practice how to answer that exam topic question.

Many candidates are “mis-led” on how to answer the questions with “fewer words to earn more points” but that is farthest from the truth. We will cover the “theory and practice” of exam solutions, we will cover the hidden traps candidates make on the exam. Hidden traps are “blind spots” in the exam where candidates don’t see the points they are missing or make mistakes they didn’t know they were making. Sign up today for our Spring Ultimate BootCamp May 12. Email marc@levelupbootcamps.com if you are interested in joining. Call Today! Space is limited. Seven Full Days just before the exam.