LevelUp videos - using old curriculum?

Just purchased Levelup Videos - and note that the curriculum on the videos appear to be 2017 version… is this a glitch?

Maybe those are existing readings. e.g. Readings in Behavioral Finance are still the same from a few years ago.

But if you are saying that the Asset Allocation/Capital Market Expectations/Equity videos are still showing 2017, then you might want to freak out.

right thanks for explaining. It’s a bit confusing as on his videos Reading 22 “liability-driven and index-based strategies” for example is actually Reading 19 in the 2020 curriculum. As long as the content is the same, I suppose the number of the reading doesn’t really matter… threw me off a bit though when he references readings that are different in the curriculum.

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There are a few readings from 2019 that still apply to 2020, so he didn’t record a new video of the same thing. The pages/session numbers maybe off, but we are good. I volunteered to create a whatsapp group for people using jumpstart videos and bootcamp a couple months ago, let me know if you are interested to be part of it.

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Hi, thanks for the response. yes interested in joining the whatsapp group! what are the details of how to join?

I got the LevelUp videos and this has been the worst purchase i have done in 2020.

Are the videos for revision or focusing on the curriculum in detail?

Hi Fino, they focus on the curriculum…I wouldnt say “in detail”.
I would stay away from these videos and get the markmeldrum packages instead.