Leveraged Finance Position

I know it drives people crazy when these sort of questions are asked but… What can someone expect the pay to be for a leveraged finance position. I am a CFA charterholder with about 5 years equity research experience. The position is with a mid-sized bank in the midwest. I would be performing credit analysis on an exists $400 million loan portfolio and equity analysis on their 10 equity investments ranging from $1 to $50 million. Thanks for the help.

what do you make now? I could probably frame it better in relation to that.

$80,000 + bonus

hard to say. Base should be higher than $80K, but all-in comp will probably be worse than people tell you they received in the past. I am guessing $90K base plus $70K+ bonus (given your experience), but you would be lucky to get much of a bonus this year. Surprised they are hiring, given market conditions. I heard that 1/3 of employees in that area will likely get canned over the next year…