Leveraging Experience in Enterprise Risk Management/ Internal Controls at a boring firm

Hi everyone, I have 7 years of experience at a subsidiary of my country’s central bank and I am planning to leave in 3 years (there is a good secure deal that allows to retire after 10 years of service). The subsidiary was created to handle all the clerical operational work of the central bank that central bank’s in third world countries need to do such as processing payments on the Government’s behalf, issuing currency notes and coins etc. Hence, the work experience itself can not be easily sold in the established private sector. But as we are still linked to the central bank, we have access to all the amazing self development facilities and hence I have already acquired an FRM charter, an MBA in finance from Rotterdam School of Management and a CISA certificate.

Now I plan to pursue CFA over the next 3 years and combine it with the experience I have in ERM and Internal controls to transition to an intellectually stimulation and rewarding career in finance or consulting. My question is can Enterprise Risk Management experience in a firm that looks after very basic operations be used to transition to an ERM/ controls role in a more sophisticated organization such as an investment bank in the middle east?