Anyone ever heard of these guys… http://www.lighthouseprivate.com/ Willy


willing to bet it’s wealth management not IB or stock analysis.

Oh I KNOW FOR A FACT it’s a wealth management shop DA, I’m asking whether anyone knows MORE than simply the obvious. Willy

I have Will.

Willy, What did we tell you about infomercial firms? Sincerely, The Analyst Forum Community

Will, why do you care about these obscure wealth management firms in rural Ontario? You poaching clients?


IF you knew ANYTHING about the biz Turk-in-the-Night, then you would know that poaching clients is what I do best. It’s almost too easy to seep $1 or $2 million from TD and RBC, they just plain don’t care. Suits me just fine. When you’re running $2.5 billion AUM, these “Ma and Pa” clients are gold. Let them cry! Willy

Have you re-read the ethics portion of the CFA Willy? And, aren’t you working for a “Ma and Pa” shop yourself?

Nope. What a waste of time. Why would ANYone do that who isn’t in the program? Willy

Your not with the program? What are you doing here? Wait, I’m not in the program anymore, either. What am I doing here?

I asked myself that very question about you mcthorp a COUPLE time this week. Willy

I have to have an outlet during earnings season since I’ve been cooped up in my office over the past three weeks. I have spent a few nights here, not sleeping. I find this forum very trivial and sophomoric, and yet, at times, entertaining. Yes - I have nothing better to do than waste my time right now. And I really am leaving this time.

I’m feeling pretty upset for no good reason also mcthorp. Just got back from the gym. Willy

Gotta tell you Will, I’m fairly glad I don’t know much about the private client biz… Definitely glad the poaching is going well.

I’d shoot myself if my job entailed poaching other people’s clients.

grunt, i feel like we know each other.

Do you hang out in Boston much?

only in May.