Liberal /ReligiousJihadis

America has two sides: an insane fundamentalist liberal religion and an insane right wing fundamentalist religion. I am done with both of them. I am done with America. Those of you in the middle please do something before it is too late. They both need to go. Eventually they will come for you.

Recent events, such as the thing in Ohio, have taught me that these extremists are just as jihadist as jihadis are about Islam. There is no point in discussing anything with them as they are not willing to have their beliefs challenged. They are not willing to experiment with thought. They cannot look at issues disspassionately or objectively. They cannot have their fundamentalist beliefs changed without turning violent. They will red-bait you a racist, a sexist, or a some sort of “ist” if you say anything that falls outside of their orthodoxy.

To open your mouth in America is still protected by free speech, however, it is now the mission of the left and the right to ostracize and destroy the livlihood of anyone who expresses their opinion. In this regard, I feel much safer and freer expressing myself virutally anywhere else, Hell, even Russia.

Come on Kim Jong Un, do us a favor and put us out of our misery.

^ Sleep inducing speech to yourself?

Relax and have a good sleep man

Cheer up homie - CFAvMBA will buy you a few working girls and you’ll be back in love with 'merica in no time.


Why give a fuck what left/right idiots are saying? Do they affect your livelihood or happiness? Most in the “silent majority” are smart and tune out the kooks. Even the people in power don’t pay much attention (except when using them as vote-getting tools.)

Russia is worse than Natasha’s unshaved armpit.

Apropos nothing, I hear Kim Jong Un is planning to commit “suicide by drone” any time now.

Left and ring wing nutjobs watch MSNBC and Fox all day. The silent majority has no time with that crap.