Liddy to step down as CEO from AIG Can you blame the guy? I can’t imagine a more stressful job. Liddy probably lost a few years on his life due to the stress of running AIG for 9 months. I was hoping someone would roundhouse Barney Frank when he was grilling Liddy over those bonuses. The guy’s a prick.

aint barney frank the guy that came out of the closet?

They guy talks like something is always in his mouth.

he’s my dad

The guy was retired. He came in, tried to make a quick buck . .didn’t work out … now he’s going back to fishing. What’s the big deal ? Why do they have to report all kind of crap in the news. What difference does it make if he stays or if he goes ? Seriously ?

What does that say? Generally, bank CEOs have enormous egos. Would it have been great for Liddy to be known as the guy who helped stir AIG (the sinking ship) to shore? Now, this guy basically jumped ship. He’s a smart guy, and probably knows something is bad coming. hmmmm.